Monday, 30 April 2012

A step into the world that is blogging...

With the Pinterest craze growing ( and I am an avid pinterest user or, as my partner thinks - an addict), I have recovered a creative force that has not been this strong for quite a few years.  And I have a little girl who is about to turn 1, which has just added fuel to the creative fire as there are so many great DIY ideas out there and I want to do them all!

I love anything that is beautiful, fun, deep - even crazy, and I love it even more if I can create it with my own hands!  I can't wait to show you my inspirations, projects and and anything else that is a muse for living and loving life.  I must warn you all, I have very eclectic tastes.  Sometimes there may be stuff you are not remotely interested in, but hang in there, hopefully there is something that makes you happy.

To start off my first post and get this blog rolling I am going to share with you a project I am attempting to recreate over the coming weeks:

Enter scrapbook paper tree from Two Girls Being Crafty!

Take some twigs, wire, scrapbook paper, glue and an unused vase that was probably collecting dust anyway and you have yourself a pretty little home decor piece made by you for next to nothing.  And the best thing is, you can customise the colour palette to the theme of your room.   I will add some pictures of my attempt throughout the week, but in the mean time click here and check out the tutorial.  Happy crafting!