My name is Cassandra and I live with my little family in the far off land on the West Coast of AustraliaLike many people, life is a slog and times can be hard, but I have a very hardworking man who does what he can to look after us and a very happy and bright baby girl who I look forward to getting up to every day.  I am ultimately the optimist and so I love finding things that can brighten up my day and remind me that life is not a chore but something to be shared with the people you love.  I want to share the good things so you can share it with the people you love.  Pay the happiness and love forward!

I love anything that is beautiful, fun, deep - even crazy, and I love it even more if I can create it with my own hands!  I can't wait to show you my inspirations, projects and and anything else that is a muse for living and loving life.  I must warn you all, I have very eclectic tastes.  Sometimes there may be stuff you are not remotely interested in, but hang in there, hopefully there is something that makes you smile. 

Until then...

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